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So a home run that may or may or not have been an actual home run helped Kent State knock Kentucky out of the postseason.

The Wildcats went into the top of the eighth inning of their elimination game Sunday night tied 0-0. With two runners on, Kent State's Evan Campbell crushed the ball to deep right field.

What happened next -- well, take a look for yourself. A video shot by Brian Milam of WKYT, showing both a real-time and frame-by-frame look, can be found here.

The ground rules of the stadium dictate that a ball must clear the yellow line on the fence to be a home run. The replay indicates the ball does not on that play.

The rest of the umpiring crew didn't meet to discuss the call -- "I didn't have anything that would alter the first-base umpire's decision," assistant crew chief Travis Katzenmeier told James Pennington -- and UK coach Gary Henderson didn't immediately protest the call.

Did it end UK's season? Well, that third run may have still scored. UK still missed plenty of chances -- both in Sunday's game and in its 21-inning game against the same opponent to open the tournament -- to back up some stellar pitching.

But having an incorrect call hover over a season-ending loss doesn't help.

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