Kent Bazemore enjoys ‘wreaking havoc’ for the other team

Jamie Hudson
NBC Sports Northwest

Diving for loose balls, leading the fast break, doing the dirty work on the defensive end – Kent Bazemore is here for it all.  

Overall, the Blazers had a poor shooting night as a team in their 105-94 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night.

Portland shot 34.1% as a team.

But, Bazemore's defense shinned bright in the first preseason game.

"Kent's a good player… He was active defensively, he plays hard and he really competes," Blazers head coach Terry Stotts said postgame.

Bazemore is not one of those guys who is afraid to get a floor burn or multiple floor burns.


"I just like to fly around, be a pest out there, use my length and [get] in the gaps and stuff, just sprint to the ball, get on the floor, do all the little things that get my team extra possessions," Bazemore said.

The Trail Blazers wing finished the night with five points on 1-of-7 shooting, but had seven steals on the night.

Seven steals -- that makes up for the bad shooting night.

"Guys were just a tad bit off with some timing issues on jump shots… Defensively we were solid… Everybody that stepped on the floor played hard," Bazemore said.

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Can we starting signing ‘Bazemore came in like a wrecking ball?'

Okay, maybe not. But having this type of spark plug off the bench will definitely come in handy.

"It's good from the first game that I'm kind of in the right spots and getting a lot of deflections, and I take pride in those kind of things, wreaking havoc for the other team," Bazemore said. 

Sing this in your best Miley Cyrus voice:

"Bazemore came in like a wrecking ball, wreaking havoc on the Denver Nuggets…"

Okay, I apologize. I'll stick to writing Trial Blazers articles, not writing lyrics.

Two things are certain: Bazemore enjoys doing the dirty work on ‘D' and the Blazers will benefit from that this season.

Kent Bazemore enjoys wreaking havoc for the other team originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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