Kent Bazemore’s crazy celebrations will be in ‘NBA 2K14′ (Video)

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The "NBA 2K" video game franchise has a reputation as being one of the most, if not the most, detailed sports simulations on the market. The game's designers and developers have worked hard over several years to present the world of the NBA as well as possible, to the point where players look like themselves, play like themselves, and maybe even demand trades like themselves. It's to the point where 2K Sports may eventually create a likeness of the NBA so accurate that it becomes more human than the real humans it's based on. After all, we're only six years away from the events of "Blade Runner."

It appears that the 2K crew is now getting serious about improving the quality of their sideline celebrations. As seen in this Instagram video from digital marketing director Ronnie Singh, Golden State Warriors bench celebration star Kent Bazemore is getting motion-captured for the newest version of the game. Although this performance obviously doesn't have the spontaneity of Bazemore's in-game celebrations, it's safe to say they picked the perfect man for the job.

Earlier Tuesday, our Dan Devine noted that "NBA 2K14" will feature 14 European teams for the first time in the series' history, but it's now clear that 2K did not extend their reach overseas for fear that they had no NBA worlds left to conquer.

The only potential problem with this celebration plan, as I see it, is that Bazemore's antics might be a little too iconic to use for the rest of the league. In a way, it's the bench celebration equivalent of giving every shooting guard Kobe Bryant's form on jump shots. We associate the style too closely with one player for it to work for everyone.

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