Kenny Pickett trade could lead to another trade for Steelers

With the big news on Friday that the Pittsburgh Steelers had traded quarterback Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles, it immediately got us thinking about what the next moves are for Pittsburgh. It could be another trade.

The understanding is that based on reports, this all came together very quickly, so the Steelers probably didn’t have a plan beyond getting a return for Pickett and giving him the trade he requested. The Steelers next move might be right back to another trade.

With Russell Wilson in place as the starter for this season but there’s no certainty beyond that. So the Steelers need to be doing what they should have been doing at the end of Ben Roethlisberger’s career. Being proactive.

That proactive move could be to trade for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. There had been reports of interest but nothing came of it. Now, with Fields trade value at an all-time low, Pittsburgh could make a move for Fields, get him in for a year while they plan for him to be the future.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire