Is Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis the best QB in the 2022 draft? | You Pod to Win the Game

Charles Robinson & Eric Edholm discuss the two QBs they think may be at the top of the 2022 NFL Draft. Despite concerns about his hand size, the consensus is that Pitt QB Kenny Pickett will likely be the first passer to go in April's draft, however Eric suggests that teams are very interested in Malik Willis' potential coming out of Liberty.

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Video Transcript

CHARLES ROBINSON: You think Pickett's the guy, quarterback? Do you think Kenny Pickett is as locked it up short of as that top, even though everybody talks about he's going to have the smallest hands in the NFL when he gets drafted?

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, I sort of wondered, I thought, you know, there's just this fascination with Malik Willis. Like, you know, what could he be? We know there's a lot of work to do, but you know, the more people I talk to, the more-- and you know, and you ask teams that probably aren't going to be in a position to draft these guys, maybe get a little bit truer opinion. And you know, of course, they all want the quarterback.

A team not picking a quarterback, like a Kansas City, or Buffalo, or whoever, you know, they're set. They'd love to see four quarterbacks go ahead of them, right? That would be great. But I still think there's a pretty earnest sort of feeling that like, Kenny just has the fewest questions, right? The hand size thing, if you want to point to the fumbles and say that was a result of small hands, you know, and he had the two gloves, and then during the rain game he took one off, and he sort of fits in with him in a little bit, but I think overall you probably feel safest with him.

But also there might be a little more upside than people are willing to give credit for. And you know, I mean, Malik Willis is right now a lottery ticket. He could be really, really special, but he also requires a really good spot where he's developing properly and the expectations are reasonable for when he finally does play.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right, like a Trey Lance type situation, where Trey Lance--

ERIC EDHOLM: That's a great comp for it. Yeah, not player-player comp, but situation comp. Exactly.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Like, it wouldn't be the worst thing if he runs into a situation like with Shanahan, where it's like, all right, we'll sit him for a year. We'll get him where we need him.

ERIC EDHOLM: Matt Ryan in Atlanta or whatever. One of those deals where next year, right? Yeah, that's the kind of deal. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: The Pickett thing, I mean, you know, I know it's a sore spot with him, you know. But I would be lying if I said-- are you shooting the pod today? And I texted a guy. He's texting-- he called me, and I texted him, I said-- you know, shooting the pod-- and he said something about talk about Kenny Pickett. And he sent me the-- he sent me the Zach Galifianakis gif with the tiny hands.

ERIC EDHOLM: Yes, I know, exactly.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Dude, I started laughing so hard. Like, I couldn't-- I couldn't help it. I just couldn't.

ERIC EDHOLM: I think he's probably on the Andy Dalton, Kirk Cousins spectrum. That's what I think he is, which is still pretty good.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Andy Dalton had-- I know everybody kills him. He had some good years in Cincinnati, OK?

ERIC EDHOLM: Yeah, Pro Bowl. Low end. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Kirk Cousins is-- you could do worse than cranking out a--

ERIC EDHOLM: 70%, 4,000 yard. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: 15-- 15 to 20-ish quarterback who does nothing but crank out a ton of numbers for you, and can certainly, if you surround him with all the right pieces, is probably capable of being a Super Bowl quality quarterback. So look, I'm sorry, but if Jared Goff, OK, Jimmy Garoppolo, all these guys people don't like, you know, were Super Bowl quarterbacks. And by the way, they were both pretty close. Like, people still don't give either those guys credit for there were a couple of plays.

Jared Goff with the Rams and Jimmy Garoppolo at the 49ers, there were plays that were close to helping them win those Super Bowls. And I think people don't give them credit for the fact that they both could have had rings. And you know, Kirk Cousins could and maybe Kenny Pickett, and you know, some of these other players that can crank out numbers, you just got to have great teams around them. So--