Kenny Pickett hilariously confuses legendary Tomlinsim

Mike Tomlin has some of the best one-liners of any coach in the NFL. So much so that they’ve been dubbed Tomlinisms, and there’s a Reddit subreddit dedicated to tracking them.

On a recent episode of the Steel Here podcast, Kenny Pickett explained how, as a rookie, he confused one of Tomlin’s most prominent mantras.

“He used to say ‘the nameless gray faces’ and me and Mason Cole, when we

first got here, thought he meant nameless great faces,” Pickett said. “Then like we’re at lunch, and someone was like no like he means gray faces, and that was one that me and him were like oh like we had no idea.”

One Tomlinism, “Don’t get caught up in the minutia,” Pickett had to look up the definition for.

“I guess that’s like details, like small stuff. I didn’t know that one for a while, I just kind of like let it roll,” he said. “One day I was in the team meeting and after I looked it up on Google, what does miniutia mean because sometimes you’ve got to do some research with coach you’re gonna miss some stuff. He’s always bringing new material man he keeps you on your toes.”

The man himself shared his favorite in an August episode of Grillin’ n’ Chillin’. “Don’t seek comfort.”

Of course!

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire