Kenny Pickett on George Pickens: If he's in single coverage, we have to get him the ball

The Pittsburgh offense has received plenty of criticism this year. It seems to lack an identity. It seems to lack a rhythm. It seems to lack an overriding strategy.

Here's one suggestion. Get the ball to receiver George Pickens whenever and wherever and however you can.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett seems to agree with that assessment. During an appearance earlier today on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Pickett explained a very simple philosophy regarding Pickens.

"I always want to give him opportunities," Pickett said. "I've been preaching that since I got here. He's a guy that if he's one-on-one, he's gotta get the football. He’s too good of a player not to give those opportunities to."

Indeed he is. And the Steelers need to scheme plays that get the ball in Pickens's hands. They also need to be ready to, for example, throw him a quick pass if/when the defensive back is giving him a massive cushion. They need to be committed, as Pickett seems to be, to get him the ball whenever he's in single coverage.

The more that happens, the more likely a defense will be to commit extra resources to stopping Pickens. Which will open up the rest of the offense. Which will give the Steelers the kind of balance that can propel them toward the upper reaches of the AFC.