Kendrick Perkins drops 32 pounds, bucking the lockout trend

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Since entering the NBA in 2003, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins has been known for his hustle, his defensive smarts, his willingness to cover a multitude of defensive sins on the interior, and a wee bit of girth. Perk looked a little doughier in 2010-11 because he was unable to condition his body as usual following a knee ligament tear suffered in the 2010 Finals. With the five-month lockout lopping off the typical training camp and preseason, along with two months' worth of games, there was ample time for Perkins to balloon up even further as the hours wiled away.

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Instead, he went in the opposite direction, shedding 32 pounds, checking in at 267 at the start of training camp, and looking as svelte as ever. Check out the before and after pictures:

Here's Perk's regime, as reported on by the Associated Press:

Perkins said he spent about three hours many mornings during the offseason lifting weights and doing conditioning work to help get him out of his knee braces, then he'd get up shots and play pickup games whenever he could. He also hired a nutritionist to help get him slimmed back down to 275 pounds, where the Celtics had him listed at the start of last season.

"I was just eating whatever I wanted. You have to change up your diet a little bit. But there was a lot of things that was healthy on the menu that I actually liked," Perkins said. "I feel a ton better. … It's just a sacrifice you've got to put in. You've really just got to be honest and look yourself and look yourself in the mirror and go from there. [...]

"Obviously, when you get lighter, you move quicker and you jump higher. I've never been a real leaper but I've got some kind of hops now," Perkins said. "It's all good."

Agreed. And we doubt losing the weight will affect Perkins' ability to help defensively and bang on both sides of the ball in the post. His strength, footwork and smarts will allow him to produce as usual. The Thunder's frontcourt of Perkins, Serge Ibaka and Kevin Durant might be the skinniest we've seen in years, but it's also the youngest and scariest trio in the NBA at this point. The Thunder, like Perk, are looking good.

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("After" picture courtesy of the Thunder, full photo courtesy of the capable hands of Dan Devine.)

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