Kendrick Perkins continues impressive streak of picking wrong team to win, to Trail Blazers benefit

Peter Socotch
NBC Sports Northwest

So far, as an analyst, former NBA big man Kendrick Perkins has become notorious for picking the wrong fight with a future Hall of Famer and infamous for incorrectly picking the wrong team to win games. 

On the heels of his Twitter feud with Kevin Durant, in which Perkins, who currently works for ESPN, accused the NBA MVP of "the weakest move in NBA history" for joining the Warriors, Perkins was back at it Thursday ahead of the Portland-Houston game. 

For context, Perkins' his track record of picking the winners of games as an analyst has been... shaky.  

Sure, he's gotten his fair share of games correct, but even his employer ESPN was making fun of his terrible track record during last season's NBA playoffs. 

If Perkins picked your team to lose that night, you might be the happiest fan in the world. 

Heading into Thursday night, Channing Frye, co-host of the Talkin' Blazers podcast, picked Portland to upset the Rockets, which is a bet Perkins was enticed by. 

The two apparently agreed to terms of the deal and "shook" on it. 

The wager of this specific bet was not immediately known, but Perkins gave some clarity on how he usually bets. 

And then... the game happened! The Trail Blazers locked down James Harden with a "Twilight Zone" defense and the Trail Blazers executed well en route to a 117-107 victory over the Rockets

Perkins was... disappointed. 

And it didn't take long for people to begin ackowledge the defeat.  

Perkins took the defeat like a champ. You win some, you lose some. 

The Twitter world was less than shocked that a Perkins pick eventually lost.

The ESPN analyst undoubtedly knows basketball. He's an NBA Champion. Sometimes, you're just wrong. And the social media world is happy to jump on those losses and make you never forget them. 

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Kendrick Perkins continues impressive streak of picking wrong team to win, to Trail Blazers benefit originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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