Kelly and Jack Osbourne reignite ongoing feud with the Kardashians

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On Monday’s A&E special Culture Shock: The Osbournes: The Price of Reality, a look back at how their mega-successful reality show impacted the TV landscape gave Jack and Kelly Osbourne the chance to add to their long-running feud with another high-profile reality show family -- the Kardashians.The conversation revolved around how the Osbournes basically created a new kind of TV genre called the “reality sitcom,” and Sharon described how things evolved shortly after the success of The Osbournes. “Nobody knew that it was going to start a whole new way of doing, you know, TV,” Sharon said. “Other celebrities instantly went ‘okay, we've got a family, we've got a dog, we'll get the dog to (bleep). And then we can have a show too.’”Kelly continued that thought process, but was a little more specific.“There would be no Kardashians if it wasn't for what we did,” Kelly said. “I don't know whether people love or hate us for that.”The feud between families dates back decades to Sharon’s very public dislike for Kris Jenner, and has remained steady, with Sharon and Kim Kardashian exchanging public barbs as recently as last fall. And it seems that the Osbournes never miss a moment to remind the Kardashians who did it first.“Even as successful as the Kardashians have been for the last ten years, they are still held to our standard,” Jack Osbourne said. “No matter how successful those shows are, we were still the first to do it.”Culture Shock airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on A&E. Check out the Osbourne family's epic storage unit:

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