Kelly Clarkson loses her mind over 'Voice' contestant's amazing range

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Kelly Clarkson was all worked up over Terrence Cunningham's performance on The Voice Tuesday night. Kelly is usually a fairly animated person, but Terrence's rendition of Chaka Chan's "Tell Me Something Good" had the pop star completely losing her mind.

Terrence's high notes had everyone on their feet, especially Kelly, who could hardly contain herself. "Terrence, I had, like, total church giggles," Kelly told him. "It was the perfect song, the perfect style -- like, how you did it, where you took it. That moved me, and it was good."

Unfortunately for Kelly, Alicia Keys kept Terrence on her team. But that was just the beginning of the drama. After Alicia, emphatically, tried to save Terrence's competitor, Christiana Danielle, Kelly swooped in for the steal. And she wasn't the only one. Adam Levine wanted in on the action, as well. But in the end, Christiana stuck with Alicia, who was happy to fend off the other coaches. Alicia said, " Adam and Kelly tried to steal Christiana, but I wasn't gonna let her go."

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