The Kelce crisis in fantasy football | The Two-Minute Drill

In this week's edition of the Two-Minute Drill, Yahoo Fantasy’s Andy Behrens explains why the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end has become a problem during the 2022 season.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: I'm Andy Behrens. This is the Two-Minute Drill. The clock is running. And we have a fantasy crisis on our hands, people.

- Oh, crap.

ANDY BEHRENS: Tight end scoring is broken hopelessly. And we know who's responsible. There's no mystery there. This is the culprit. Travis Michael Kelce is wrecking the game

- Doesn't anything work around here?

ANDY BEHRENS: Entering week 13, he has scored 202.2 points in Yahoo's default scoring system. Among all tight ends, receivers, and running backs, he's one of only six players who has top 200 points.

- That boy is good.

ANDY BEHRENS: Kelce is outscoring Nick Chubb, Tyreek Hill, and pretty much everyone else in the game. If Kelce's season ended today, he would still very likely lead his position in scoring for the season.

- How is this even possible?

ANDY BEHRENS: He's outscored the game's number two tight end by over 80 fantasy points. He has more than doubled up the fantasy scoring of every tight end in the game except for two guys, Mark Andrews and TJ Hockenson. And Kelce is a mile ahead of those dudes. He's on pace to finish with 1,400 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns, which is just stupid.

- It's crazy. This is crazy.

ANDY BEHRENS: Kelce has finished as a top five fantasy tight end in nine different weeks.

- Say what?

ANDY BEHRENS: It's totally unfair. No other player in the game at any spot offers this sort of positional edge. Let's also note that Kelce has only lined up in line 26% of the time this year. He, like most other elite fantasy tight ends, is only barely a tight end.

This gentleman is out wide or in the slot like 3/4 of the time. He's a receiver. Almost all of these guys are just regular old receivers.

- You catch the ball.

ANDY BEHRENS: If this Kelce nonsense persists, we need to take a hard look at getting rid of tight ends, getting rid of them all together in fantasy. Just have a combo wide receiver, tight end spot, or additional flexes.

- I can't do that.

ANDY BEHRENS: Kelce would still be the third highest fantasy scorer at wide receiver right now. So rest assured, you'd still be taking him at or near the top of your draft.