Is a Kelce brothers holiday movie on the horizon?

Is a Kelce brothers holiday movie on the horizon? originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

It's beginning to look a lot like a Kelce Christmas.

Seriously though, Jason and Travis Kelce have been absolutely everywhere in both football and mainstream media. It doesn't seem like the hype is going to die down anytime soon, either.

Their duet "Fairytale of Philadelphia," the latest single for the album "A Philly Special Christmas Special," has been making headlines all week for a variety of reasons.

From reaching No. 1 on US iTunes, to Travis making his singing debut, to the beautiful and emotional behind-the-scenes videos of the recording process… the world can't get enough of this duo.

If a single has the internet going crazy, can you imagine what the reactions would be if they released a holiday movie?

On the album's Instagram story, a single image of an interaction was shared on the account and it's giving everyone hope for that exact thing:

Now the question is — will it be a more in depth video of the recording process ... or a play into the claymation style that has been used to help promote the album?

A video teasing "Fairytale of Philadelphia" made its rounds and everyone fell in love with it. It showcased the Kelce brothers singing but also Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson plotting a way to stop a Kansas City Chief from stealing the show. Mailata runs off and the video ends … but will it remain a cliff hanger? Or is there more to the story?

Either way, this means we're getting more Kelce content and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Plus, proceeds from the album will benefit the Children's Crisis Treatment Center and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

You can pre-order "A Philly Special Christmas Special" here.