Keith Hernandez and David Ortiz reenact famous 'Seinfeld' line

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David Ortiz and Keith Hernandez yuk it up on the set of MLB on Fox. (Twitter/@MLBonFOX)
David Ortiz and Keith Hernandez yuk it up on the set of MLB on Fox. (Twitter/@MLBonFOX)

The quintet of Kevin Burkhardt, Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, and Keith Hernandez have been killing it on Fox Sports 1’s pre- and post-game show for the playoffs. Their baseball talk is top notch, but as you might have witnessed, they also do a lot of laughing.

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The team’s latest laughing fit came courtesy of Hernandez. Before they started filming on Sunday, Hernandez ran into “Seinfeld” creator Larry David. Hernandez filmed a legendary episode of “Seinfeld” more than 25 years ago (called “The Boyfriend,”), but the two hadn’t seen each other in 15 years. So the two snapped a picture before Hernandez had to run off to start filming. Their brief meeting was mentioned on the air, and it led to some perfect hilarity.

That whole clip is gold, but the best part is that as soon as Hernandez utters his famous “I’m Keith Hernandez” line, David Ortiz absolutely loses it. In fact, everybody loses it. Even Keith, who has probably been asked to say that line at least a million times in the last quarter century.

Hernandez had to say it another two times directly into the camera. But it wasn’t over. David Ortiz got a chance to say it, too.

Watching that out of context has to be confusing, since Ortiz definitely is not Keith Hernandez. But who did the better job? Watch the original clip and judge for yourself.

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