'Should keep Ten Hag' or 'he and half the squad need to go'?

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We asked for your views on Saturday stunning 2-1 FA Cup final win over Manchester City at Wembley.

Here are some of your responses:

Tom: What a time to finally play as a team, great goals and a performance that a Manchester United shirt deserves!

Rich: We should keep Ten Hag. Yes, it hasn't been the best season, but we have just won the FA Cup! The amount of injuries in the squad this season has been ridiculous. Give him at least another season - he deserves it.

FergieTime: To little too late for ETH I'm afraid. He and half the squad need to go so a rebuild can finally take place.

Jon: "One swallow doesn't make a summer!". Manager change is necessary. Be brave Sir Jim - take us back to our roots. No more expensive 'has-beens' please!

Ty: A performance that proved they are a better team than they have showed for large parts of the season regardless of injuries. They have to be more consistent and need to base their future around the fresh young players who were the best part of a disappointing season overall. The manager just about deserves another season at the helm.

Nigel: Perfect end to a very poor season. The future of Ten Hag will rumble on. If the players are prepared to show that effort for him week in and week out next season then I say keep him. He will be a good manager if he is able to galvanise the support of the dressing room.

Lee: A lot of the players should be blamed for finishing eighth in the league, because they simply refused to follow the manager's instructions on the field. The difference in the FA Cup final victory is they all followed the manager's instructions and tactics. Blame the big ego players for the poor season, not the manager.

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