'Keep him fit, and we'll be top six easy'

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Your views

Who needs to keep fit for an 'easy' top six finish?

We asked you for your thoughts on Killie's season so far at the tail end of last week.

Here's how you summed it up:

Greg: You can definitely see that Derek's moving things in the right direction, especially after how nervy it was last year. Be patient with him and give him a couple more years and Killie can definitely be a constant top six team.

Amy: We're pretty much where I expected us to be at this stage. We're not terrible like five or six others.

In terms of players who've impressed - David Watson gets better every week, Lewis Mayo was an absolute steal from Rangers and Robbie Deas is great. Brad Lyons continues to surprise everyone by being class and if we keep Kyle Vassell fit we finish top six easy.