KD is not Lebron | Dunk Bait

LaJethro Jenkins takes a look ahead of the Bucs and Nets Game 5.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Quitting is good sometimes. You should have quit. The team should have quit.

I thought the Suns-Nuggets series was gonna be fun. I was wrong. I really think if you're down 3-0, because nobody has ever came back from that deficit, yo, just let the team decide if they want to play or not. Let them simulate the game. They were gonna lose anyway, all right?

Jokic went down. And you seen Will Barton say, hey, I'm not quitting. Will, quit. Quit. Dude, you're setting a bad example for the kids about fighting when there's nothing to fight for. Don't waste your time. I'm not an advocate of that.

Quitting is good sometimes. You should have quit. The team should have quit. They shouldn't even have played Game 4.

Nets-Bucks series. Can somebody from the NBA go to the settings and turn the injuries off? This has been the hardest year of NBA basketball already with all the injuries. Now it's continuing to the playoffs. Harden has played 14 seconds. Now Kyrie is out. It was hard seeing KD out there by himself.

And I talked about this before. You know, the Nets traded away everybody for Harden. And they had to make that trade because it's James Harden. But you see now when people go down, there's nobody left. There's just KD. It was him versus like five people, OK? I saw him triple teamed at times trying to force it because he is the only option offensively.

Is Harris gonna come and save them? No. Bruce Brown, definitely not. It's difficult. It would've been difficult if Kyrie went down even if they didn't trade everybody away, but now it's virtually impossible. So let's hope that Kyrie's healthy so we can see some semblance of the Nets.

I think they were gonna win the East. I think they were the best team in the East prior to Kyrie going down, definitely before James went down. We'll see what happens now.

I think we'll see Suns-Jazz in the West. I feel like there's no way the Clippers will beat the Jazz being that the Jazz are elite offensively and defensively and the Clippers have Paul George. Someone once said that Paul George is the LeBron James of Khris Middletons. No, Khris Middleton is LeBron James of Khris Middletons. He actually shows up in big moment. Paul George doesn't.

So I don't see the Clippers pulling-- even if Kawhi goes crazy, I don't see them pulling past the Jazz. The Jazz are good. You know, I think the Bucks will probably beat the Nets in the East being that they have all these injuries. And Kyrie's did not look that good, you know? It looked like it was pretty serious.

KD can't do it alone, you know? He can't pull a LeBron. I'm sorry. There's only one, you know what I mean?