Kayla Harrison tells Dana White she’ll be ‘the greatest of all time’

The arguable face of the Professional Fighters League is Kayla Harrison. She's already dominated Judo and is well on her way to dominating WMMA as well. And with free agency looming, many wonder if she'll end up on the biggest stage in the world ... the UFC.

On Monday, while Harrison was talking to media at the PFL Championship Media Day, UFC president Dana White was giving his own interview and Harrison's name came up.

“If I was her, I’d stay right where she is and keep picking off the people over there,” White said while talking to TSN. "I would stay there and keep fighting the type of women she’s fighting there before I would come here and fight an Amanda Nunes. That’s for damn sure.”

When Harrison caught wind of White's words, she had her own take on her career.

“Thanks for the advice, Uncle Dana, I appreciate you,” Harrison said. “My job is going to focus on Oct. 27. I really don’t care what other people have to say about me or my career, my choices or my options. I’m going to do what’s best for me, and that’s it.”

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Some thought White was shading Harrison by building up her gym partner and friend.

“That’s what he does,” Harrison said. “That’s his job. I’m gonna talk about how I’m the greatest of all time, and he’s gonna talk about, ‘Well, calm down. No, you’re not.’ This is a game. This is a business. The difference is I really am gonna be the greatest of all time. He’s gonna see.”

Harrison will step in to potentially win a third PFL title on Wednesday, Oct. 27. She'll face off with Taylor Guardado in the main event which takes place on ESPN+ and ESPN 2.

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