Kawhi Leonard's playing time tough to manage

Kawhi Leonard has missed two games due to injury, and while the Clippers star is a talented powerhouse, Dr. A suggests fantasy managers look for a sell-high opportunity as his playing time may become a headache.

Video Transcript

STEVE ALEXANDER: Kawhi Leonard took a brutal elbow to the face from teammate Serge Ibaka last week. And if you saw the slow motion replay, it was kind of hard to watch. I thought his jaw might have been broken, but it turns out he just suffered a mouth laceration that required eight stitches. And it sounds like Leonard's going to be OK. But he did sit out Sunday's game against Dallas.

How important is Kawhi Leonard to his team? The Mavericks were ahead 77 to 27 at halftime, which is an NBA record went on to win easily. They really need Kawhi's 23 and 1/2 points, 3 and 1/2 boards, five assists, three steals, and 1.53 pointers a game.

The problem with Kawhi is not his skills or his basketball. It's his load management. He's the Godfather of load management. Four-game weeks are going to become three-game weeks. We don't know how many games he's going to play every week. Nothing has changed the last three years.

My advice would be let him get healthy, let him play a couple of games, and go off. And then try to trade him for somebody you won't have to worry about getting in and out of your lineup every week.