Kawhi Leonard on why he signed 4-year deal w./ Clippers: 'I wanted to play'

The Los Angeles Clippers forward provided some insight into why he signed a four-year deal with the team, instead of a "one-and-one" deal that would've allowed him to opt out after the upcoming season.

Video Transcript

ANDREW GREIF: Kawhi, to build off-- Andrew Greif from "The LA Times"-- to build off what Brian was talking about staying home and committing here, you could have come back on a number of different contracts of lengths. Why did you want the long-term, the four year, as a three year plus a player option? But why was that the contract that you wanted to sign and come back here?

KAWHI LEONARD: Because I wanted to play. You know what I mean? I mean, the best situation for me, to me, was to do a one and one and then opt out and then sign a long-term five-year deal. But, I mean, it's a lot of concerns that, that brings up for you guys and your job. And it creates storylines that I'm going to leave the team.

So one thing-- I wanted to secure some money, and I wanted to be able to come back if I was able to this year. If I would have took the one and one, I probably would have not played just to be cautious and opted out and took a five-year. But I'm here. I'm here to be a Clipper. I'm not going to another team unless something drastic happens, but I'm here for the long run.