Kaval claims batted balls won't break glass wall at A's Vegas stadium

Kaval claims batted balls won't break glass wall at A's Vegas stadium originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

As with any renderings release, questions abound when it comes to images of the Athletics' proposed new Las Vegas ballpark.

One of the main concerns among fans is the huge wall of glass behind the left field bleachers, which allows for a view of The Strip just beyond the fixed-rood stadium -- and, to the naked eye, seems like an accident waiting to happen.

A's president Dave Kaval recently addressed the issue in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Mick Akers, promising the curtain-glass wall isn't at risk of shattering.

“It’s so far away that it would require a Jose Canseco-type shot to make that happen,” Kaval told Akers. “I think it’s highly unlikely that it would reach that far. And if it did, it would accommodate it; it wouldn’t be a problem.”

The A's last Tuesday officially released the latest renderings of their proposed new stadium, planned for a 9-acre site where the Tropicana Hotel currently sits in Las Vegas, more than 10 months after they released the first design, though the team later was unhappy with those initial plans.

In the newest renderings, the glass-curtain wall arguably is the main attraction.

While the A's have secured a unanimous vote from MLB owners to relocate to Las Vegas and Nevada legislature has approved funding, hurdles remain before the team can begin construction on the ballpark they hope to open in 2028.

But if and when their new stadium is constructed, Kaval wants fans to know the curtain-glass wall isn't in danger.