Kate Upton has some thoughts about ALCS fan interference call that hurt Astros

The next great MLB postseason controversy was born in the first inning of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series. Houston Astros infielder Jose Altuve was called out on fan interference when a fan trying to catch a home run ball got too close to a leaping Mookie Betts.

It was a highly controversial decision on replay review, due to the ambiguity over whether Betts’ outstretched glove was over the right field fence when it made contact with the fan.

As you can imagine, Astros fans were livid over a call that potentially cost their team a two-run homer. That includes one of the most visible Astros fans of all: Kate Upton, wife of Astros ace Justin Verlander.

Censored screenshot of Kate Upton’s tweet.
Censored screenshot of Kate Upton’s tweet.

Watch this video! Mookie’s glove is closed. That’s a home run,” Upton said, before using a hashtag that included some, um, strong language.

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Upton also retweeted multiple posts saying the play should have resulted in a home run for Altuve, including a reply to her tweet that accused MLB of conspiring against the Astros to put the more popular Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Such an effort clearly failed last year when Houston faced the New York Yankees.

Upton followed up her tweet with another two posts, decrying the rulebook and the interpretation that resulted in an infuriating out for Houston and firing back at other users criticizing her.

This, of course, isn’t the only time Upton has gone out on a limb to stump for her husband and his team, and it’s definitely not the most colorful one.

Kate Upton has thoughts about the ALCS that cost the Astros a homer, people. (Getty Images)
Kate Upton has thoughts about the ALCS that cost the Astros a homer, people. (Getty Images)

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