'What the what:' Kat Von D's red wedding dress makes jaws drop

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Kat Von D ditched the customary white and went with red for her big day. Big time. Yahoo commenters have mixed feelings on the dramatic dress and headpiece, pictured in viral social media posts

The TLC star officially tied the knot with musician Leafar Seyer in February, but the couple had a gothic wedding ceremony on June 2. “We are spending today together reliving our vows,” Von D said on Instagram. Adolfo Sanchez designed the one-of-a-kind gown for the bride and mom-to-be; Von D and Seyer are expecting a son.

Kat Von D’s fans were supportive of the tattoo artist celebrating her way. “Would expect nothing less from Ms. Von D,” said one supporter. “Thank you for being one of the originals in this vanilla world.”

Others were less positive:. “Looks like a Halloween costume,” said one detractor. “Trying too hard,” wrote another. And then this succinct critique: “Just no.”

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