Karl Malone took Enes Kanter fishing, helped him catch his first fish, which is very small (Photo)

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When the Utah Jazz announced that Karl Malone would coach their big men on a part-time basis, it stood out as a strong move for all involved parties. The Jazz were able to bring the greatest player in their history back into the fold in an official capacity, Malone could develop some skills if he chose to pursue coaching full-time, and youngsters Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter could learn a thing or two. The only question was how much work Malone would actually do, and how involved he'd get in these players' development.

The answer, apparently, is quite a bit. As seen on the Instagram account of Karl's wife Kay, the Mailman took the 21-year-old Turkish national Kanter fishing for the first time. Young Enes caught a fish, too, although it does not appear particularly large.

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Yet we should not mock him for his miniscule catch. As a city boy who's never caught a fish, I can understand why anyone would feel pride in hooking anything, no matter how small it may be. As noted by internet-renowned fishing expert Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones, this bluegill is pretty much what everyone catches his first time out, if they catch anything at all. In other words, it's a foundation to build on, just as Malone will teach Kanter to improve his post game. In the end, it all comes back to basketball.

Now, if Malone teaches Kanter how to ride his new mule, we'll have a real story on our hands.

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