Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, ‘Jeopardy!’ is no place for your dirty mind (VIDEO)

Of all the foes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has faced in his illustrious career as a basketball player, actor, author and ambassador, there's one he has yet to vanquish: Alex Trebek.

The NBA's all-time leading scorer appeared on an episode of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" back in October 2009 and famously flubbed a clue seeking the name of the former UCLA Bruins and Portland Trail Blazers big man whom pilot Roger Murdock said he dragged up and down the basketball court in a classic line from the 1980 comedy "Airplane!" The answer, of course, is Bill Walton. Despite having played the pilot and delivered the line himself, Kareem offered his own name. People laughed a lot.

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Luckily, Kareem's not someone who takes offense at perceived slights or holds grudges, so it didn't become some whole big thing.

Still, when he was invited back to "Jeopardy!" to take part in the popular quiz show's "Power Players" Week — a five-night stand in Washington, D.C., featuring 15 celebrity contestants from the field of politics, literature, journalism and entertainment — you'd figure he had a measure of redemption on his mind. The Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers legend would not only defeat CNBC anchor David Faber and Fox News commentator Dana Perino in this competition for charity, but he'd look good doing it.

Well, about that ...

That answer + that bow tie + Faber coming away with the win = another couple years of stewing for Kareem, I suspect. Oh, well. At least we're all thinking about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar watching pornography now. I'm sure he feels really good about that.

Video via retronewfoundland. Hat-tip to Jim Weber at Lost Letterman.

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