Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does not like your tattoos

Back in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's day, you didn't have tattoos unless you were a sailor. It just wasn't done. That's why, while watching Sunday's Lakers vs. Nuggets game, the NBA legend proclaimed his distaste for inked up arms.

Get those tattoos off your arms, almost every player in the NBA! Only players who were in the Navy can have tattoos, just like David Robinson.

Wait. That's not right. He didn't have any tattoos. This argument is erroneous.

C'mon, Kareem. Tattoos are today's version of a beard in the 1970s. Everyone has them, and a lot of them are pretty cool. The Nuggets just so happen to have the market cornered on bad neck ink.

On the other hand, maybe Kareem has the right idea. Based on his famous jacket, he obviously knows what he's talking about style-wise. I'm going to go get my tattoos removed.

(h/t OC Register)

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