Kap On A Makeshift OL, Ground Game, McCargo & More

Andrew Jones, Publisher
Tar Heel Illustrated

CHAPEL HILL – Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic met with the media this week to discuss mainly his OL group, how they performed against Louisville , the unit’s make-shift ways courtesy of injuries, and Jay-Jay McCargo’s first college experience.

Here is a sample of what Coach Kap had to say:

On how many bodies he has available this week…

“That’s a good question. I’m still waiting to see. We have a policy about now talking about the inquiries around here. The count’s a little lower than normal but we’re in flux. There’s some good things that can happen and some things maybe that won’t be so good. We’re just kind of grinding through, moving some guys around and making it work.”

On RS Frosh center Jay-Jay McCargo getting his first snaps…

“I’m really proud of him. Stepped in. Obviously, the first thing is operation – snaps, everything on time, no penalties – did a good job there. In 25 snaps, he was physical, he had a number of knockdowns and he executed all the plays in his calls.

“I was really pleased with that. Now, the next step is as we go forward with the growth from him and just making sure that he’s always ready to go. He did a nice job.”

On the OL overall from the first game…

“I thought there was some improvement. I saw more of a physicality and a strain to be more physical. I thought we did a nice job on our protections the whole day. The run game thing, it’s a little skewed: All of our jet sweep stuff that we put in that game and we’ve been doing, that’s really our run game but technically it’s a pass game because you toss it. So sometimes you sacrifice rushing yards for that, but if it’s going to help us out and win I’m good.

“Crazy game, we had 8 plays in the first quarter and 16 in the second quarter, we never really got a chance to get in a good rhythm. I thought it showed we had more explosive plays.”

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