Can Kansas pull off another upset over Texas?

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz and Pam Maldonaldo break down what you need to know for Kansas vs. Texas.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Jason Fitz hanging out with Pam Maldonado, and we are here to get you ready for Kansas taking on Texas. Pam, you're the expert here. What do you see in this one that you're excited about?

PAM MALDONADO: I love Kansas as an underdog to my Longhorns, but this game is going to be settled at the line of scrimmage. The Jayhawks defense is largely improved, matching the physicality of opponents. 10th best in sacks in the country. Putting up sack numbers without even having to blitz. Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers, when he's not blitzed, 59% completion, just three passing touchdowns. And then against BYU, the Jayhawks held the Cougars to nine rushing yards.

Granted, sacks were a contributing factor to that number, but the Jayhawks have physicality, they have aggressiveness. More importantly, the Jayhawks have depth. The Jayhawks are playing almost six defensive tackles, seven to eight defensive ends. It is that depth that is going to keep the defense fresh against Texas for a competitive one-score game.

- I love everything you said, but I'm actually going to go to the other side of the ball for Kansas particularly, because I think Coach Lance Leipold is one of the hidden gems in the college football world. Now, 4 and 0 back to back years, I'm not sure it's hidden anymore. But what we know about him is that he is great-- whether it was at Buffalo, whether it's now, even before then at Wisconsin Whitewater-- he is great at taking his best athlete on offense and making sure that guy has the ball.

Daniels as a quarterback has been efficient. He runs the ball well. He throws the ball well. But most importantly, he flat out makes plays off schedule. So Texas's defense is going to have to be really disciplined in this game. They're going to have to stay in their lanes. They're going to have to really watch for what Daniels can do on the run and getting out there. I think Kansas has the ability to score on almost anybody.

Remember, a couple of years ago, Kansas won this game. I think that still sits in the craw of both teams involved. So to me, Pam, when I look at this, I see that sort of match-up. I love what you said, one score. I think that Texas is going to have to plan on scoring points in this game, because Kansas can score on them.

PAM MALDONADO: Absolutely. Go Longhorns--


PAM MALDONADO: But also, go Jayhawks.

JASON FITZ: Aw. I guess we got beat. First time we've ever had a disagreement on this one. I'm taking Kansas in the game, Pam, just because I'm a contrarian. You taking Texas?

PAM MALDONADO: I'm all over Kansas as the underdog, but I need my Longhorns to at least come out with the outright win in a close, competitive, one score game.

JASON FITZ: Oh, I love that. She's Pam Maldonado. I'm Jason Fitz. Thanks for hanging out with us.