Kansas City stores look to help fans prepare for Super Bowl watch party costs

KANSAS CITY, Mo — Super Bowl championships don’t come without some costs — including those for fans.

Busy merchants in the metro want to help customers plan their Super Bowl gatherings for next Sunday, and to know what they might expect to spend ahead of time.

Super Bowl LVIII watch parties in Kansas City area to cheer on Chiefs

Business operators who talked with FOX4 News on Monday said the cost of seemingly everything has risen, and there’s not much they can do about it.

Chiefs fans are fired up, and stocking up on provisions for this weekend’s Super Bowl parties.

Managers at the Hy-Vee store in nearby Shawnee, Kansas, are treating this like a holiday, including store director Karla Quandt. Her staff has been busy creating party trays and grab-and-go food items for several days. Some sandwich trays at the store cost as little as $25. Higher-end items will cost more.

“If you want to go above and beyond and get the big ring leader that’s the specialty sub sandwich, you’ll be looking to spend more in the $40-50 range,” Quandt said.

Quandt said her store is getting into Super Bowl spirit, and the Chiefs Rumble drumlins will be at her store this Thursday 5-6 p.m.

Drinking in another Super Bowl Championship might take shoppers to liquor stores like Mike’s Wine and Spirits on Brookside.

Andy Doohan, who co-owns all three store locations, recommends party planners to buy two kinds of beer for parties — one craft beer and one common domestic brew — in addition to two kinds of harder liquor, too. Also, champagne will be in order if the Chiefs tackle another Super Bowl championship.

“You’ll spend about 100 bucks. I expect, if I’m throwing a party, to spend anywhere between $5-15 per person, depending how nice I want to go,” Doohan said. “Ten people at 100 bucks. That’s fair.’

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For all the other party goodies, Jerri Brandon recommends shopping sooner than later. Brandon, who owns Brookside Party Warehouse, restocked her shelves on Monday morning with Chiefs balloons, plates, cups and noisemakers. Brandon said getting enough stuff for a party with 8-10 people might cost $50.

“I also believe they understand they need to come early. Our weekend last weekend was amazing. I pressed Chiefs balloons — and Super Bowl balloons — all weekend. The balloons are what makes it special,” Brandon said Monday.

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