Kansas City mayor "heartbroken" after Chiefs celebration is marred by shooting

Two people are in custody after a mass shooting in Kansas City today, at the conclusion of a parade to celebrate the Chiefs' Super Bowl title.

One person is confirmed dead, and authorities say 10 to 15 are injured. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the Chiefs told him all players, coaches and staff are accounted for and safe.

"We went out today, like everyone in Kansas City, looking to have a celebration. That celebration was marred by a shooting," Lucas said. "This is absolutely a tragedy, the likes of which we never would have expected in Kansas City,"

The parade included 600 Kansas City police officers and 250 officers from other agencies in the area. Lucas said he was nearby and personally saw officers running toward the shooting to apprehend the suspects and thanked them for their courage.

"Officers ran toward danger," said Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves.

"I'm heartbroken," Lucas said. "I was there with my wife, I was there with my mother, we never would have thought that we, along with Chiefs players, along with fans, hundreds of thousands of people, would be forced to run for our safety."