Is Kansas City in the greatest Chiefs era? The team’s historian answers that

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With four Super Bowl appearances in five years, it’s a great time to remember one of the other great eras in Kansas City Chiefs history.

Bob Moore is the Chiefs team historian. Before he stepped into that role, he was their head of public relations for 35 years. Moore lives in New Jersey now and said he’s “more or less a consultant” for the team.

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We asked him a simple question: Are we in the greatest era in Chiefs history?

“Well, I think you have to get it in some kind of context,” Moore said.

“If you go back to the beginning of this franchise, at least as far as when it came here to Kansas City, that was the most significant part because up until that point, the city had not had very much success in professional sports. The Athletics who were here at the time certainly weren’t doing much as far as a national reputation.

“So when the Kansas City Chiefs started here, you had something very very unique, and then to have the success that you did in a matter of just a couple of years, three championships and then the first world championship, I think it’s difficult to sit and say that this is greater than that because that was the first.”

The Chiefs came to this city in 1963. Before that they played in Dallas. By January 1970, the Texans/Chiefs franchise led by coach Hank Stram and quarterback Len Dawson had already won three American Football League (AFL) titles.

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Last month, the team led by coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes won their fourth American Football League Conference (AFC) title.

In our interview with Moore on Friday, we made the argument that we’re in the greatest era in team history.

“You can sit and say that now,” he replied. “I would say there’s probably people who can’t remember anything back to the ’90s, or even back into the ’70s, so it’s different eras. And so, consequently anybody can say that, and we certainly may go on to be greater things.”

Chiefs fan and Overland Park resident Kevin Kensinger said he remembers the Chiefs teams of the 1960s.

“I was very young, but I remember watching the games with my dad,” he said Friday.

“The teams of the ’60s and ’70s are what everything was built off of, and then you know, when we started getting the good coaching coming through again, and then of course, Patrick Mahomes and they tried to tell me, ‘Oh. He’s the greatest,’ I said, ‘We’ll see. We’ll see,’ and then it’s like, ‘Wow. Wow.’ It’s great.”

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The ‘they’ Kensinger was referring to was his son Carter, who was with him Friday outside Union Station. Carter’s from the area originally but now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I actually have a funny video of my friends that they took of me after the second Super Bowl when I’m on the phone, and I have tears in my eyes talking to my brother and my dad after it,” he said.

Moore also pointed out that the Chiefs era at Municipal Stadium was much more successful than the teams’ early years at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs moved there in 1972. From 1972 through the 1985 season, they never made the playoffs, a 14-year drought.

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