Kansas City Chiefs fans living in Las Vegas find their own Kingdom

LAS VEGAS — You can find Chiefs Kingdom no matter where you are, even deep in Las Vegas Raiders territory.

Not far from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip is the normally quiet Jackpot Bar and Grill, now decked out with Chiefs flags outside.

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Step inside and you could be in a Lee’s Summit or Lenexa bar. Kansas City décor is everywhere.

You can thank Josh Cowart for that. He spent part of his childhood in San Francisco 49ers country, but a Niners star actually guided him to a new kingdom.

“Joe Montana was kind of the trading card, the guy I started collecting, and he traded to the Chiefs — and so did I,” Cowart said. “Best trade ever.”

When he landed in Las Vegas in 1989, finding fellow Chiefs fans was hit or miss. Then along came Facebook. Seeing the success in other parts of the country as groups united Chiefs fans, he decided to launch “Las Vegas Kingdom” Facebook page six years ago.

“I have no ties to Kansas City at all. But I have ties to the Kingdom,” Cowart said.

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A few years ago, Kingdom ties led Jackpot Bar and Grill owner Jeff Frederick to Cowart.

“I’m from Nebraska, so the Chiefs were always the closest team,” Frederick said.

Another Las Vegas sports bar already laid claim to being the official Chiefs watch party host, but Fredrick didn’t give up.

“He wanted to be a Chiefs bar, but I wouldn’t let him,” Cowart joked.

But persistence paid off, and a year later, the Jackpot Bar and Grill was in.

“It started out with 10 people for like four, five, six weeks. Next thing you know I have 20 people,” Frederick said. “Then we had 70, 80 people, and by the playoffs, we were having 100 people and I was moving everyone upstairs because it was so busy.”

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To top it off, the Chiefs crowd eventually crowded out the Raider fans.

“I would rather my bar sit empty than have the Raiders back in here,” Frederick said with a serious tone.

That’s all fine for Cowart, who’s seen his Facebook page go viral with the Chiefs landing in Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

“It’s been amazing to be able to connect with other chapters, other groups around the country as people come into town, be able to network with them,” Cowart said.

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Now the only thing left is game day.

Cowart said seeing the Chiefs win in their home city would mean everything.

“This is our town,” Cowart said.

“This is a once in a lifetime moment,” Frederick added.

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