Are the Kansas City Chiefs America’s team?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Back in the 1990’s, when you heard ‘America’s Team’ most thought of the Dallas Cowboys.

But with their recent success and the ratings gold that they are, it might be time another team get’s that name. And yes, we’re talking about the Kansas City Chiefs.

In an interview last week, one legendary broadcaster reignited the discussion, so now, we’re showing the facts, so you can decide.

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“We got Mahomes, Pacheco, Kelce you know, we the “bomb diggity dom” right now you know what I’m saying,” Chiefs fan Brenda Landon said.

“There the new America’s team for sure. I mean Cowboys, that’s over with. Everybody watches the Chiefs, everybody hates on the Chiefs, but you got to love them,” another fan said.

That’s what the causal Chiefs fan said so FOX4 thought we’d take this to a more seasoned expert.

“I’ve seen everything from good to bad,” Paul Cherry said.

Paul Cherry, he’s a Chiefs Red Coater and has been for 49 years. They serve as volunteers for the charity arm of the organization. Cherry himself, a season ticket holder for 58 years. He thinks the debate, well isn’t really a debate.

“I think Chiefs are America’s team period end of discussion,” Cherry said.

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So, let’s break this down.

When the Cowboys were coined ‘America’s Team,’ the organization was in the midst of an impressive run. Twenty straight winning seasons, they were the most popular, they had been to 12 conference championship games and five super bowls.

Juxtapose that with the Chiefs who have had played in six consecutive AFC Championship games, a trip to four out of the last five Super Bowls.

If they win on Sunday, they will be the first team to go back-to-back in 20 years.

The ratings help to prove further just how popular they are.

Last year’s Super Bowl win was the most watched U.S. based telecast ever.

They played in both the most watched AFC Championship game and the most watched divisional round game ever.

Multiple games including a Super Bowl LVII rematch, landed in the top 10 of most watched NFL games of the year.

Not to mention 16 of the top 100 most watched things on TV in all of 2023 were, you guessed it, Chiefs games. So, what did Paul Cherry say again?

“I think Chiefs are America’s team period end of discussion,” Cherry said.

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So, when it’s all said and done, the success, with the ratings and the recent hate that has been lobbed their way. We have a pretty good answer to this question, and we haven’t even talked about the Taylor Swift effect.

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