Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje understand partnership is about balance

Yahoo Canada Sports

For Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, the partnership that comes with pairs skating is one of complimentary skillsets and emotional makeups. The ice dancers know the root of their success has stemmed from professional and personal relationships which balances each’s own talents and flaws.

“Kaitlyn brings light and bright and happiness to every day. If I even start to go into a dark situation, she’ll just snap me right out of it and really just bring a smile to the whole environment,” Poje said of his partner.

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Weaver looks to Poje for his ability to stay composed and keep her somewhat in check when things get pressure-filled and emotions are running high.

“Andrew is very methodical and structured and so good at routine. He can balance it out and say ‘this is the work we have to do today,’ and that consistently is totally necessary in the sport and in training.”

Weaver and Poje will look to channel their well-balanced partnership into a podium finish in Monday’s Short Dance.

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