Kai Kamaka digging transition to PFL’s season format

Apart from a rough patch when he was in the UFC, Kai Kamaka III has been riding high most of his career.

Now he’ll try to keep his momentum going in the transition from Bellator to the PFL and its season format – in which he could sincerely change his life if he takes home the $1 million featherweight season prize.

The 29-year-old Kamaka (12-5-1), from Hawaii, takes on 2022 featherweight finalist Bubba Jenkins (21-7) on April 19 at the PFL’s third regular season event of 2024 on April 19 in Chicago. He’s in a unique spot, too.

“There’s a little handful of us that have crossed all three promotions (the UFC, Bellator and PFL),” Kamaka said at a recent PFL media day. “I was around PFL (with other fighters) since 2018, so I’m very familiar with PFL, with the staff, with just everything behind the scenes. I didn’t think of it as on my path, per se, since 2018, but the way things happen, it’s kind of cool.”

After a 1-2-1 run in the UFC, Kamaka returned to Bellator in 2021. After a 1-1 start, he has three straight wins on his resume heading into his PFL debut.

He’s coming off arguably the biggest win of his career, a split decision this past October against Henry Corrales, who at the time had roughly 50 percent more fights than the Kamaka opponent with the next most experience.

“After the Corrales fight, I wanted to get in right away, but there was so much uncertainty the whole year (about what would happen with Bellator),” Kamaka said. “… I’m just glad to be booked, and the first fight is coming up soon.”

Kamaka said making the move to the PFL came with some questions, like the inherent desire to want to represent Bellator first and foremost. But more than anything, he just wanted to be booked to continue his momentum.

Check out Kamaka’s full interview in the video above.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie