K-Pop boy band BTS have very different reactions to exploding fruit on 'The Late Late Show'

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The K-pop boy band BTS stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden to play a game called "Flinch" where Jin and J-Hope gave the best reaction to date for someone having fruit shot at them while standing behind a glass wall. The fruit cannon featured a picture of Corden and a hole where his mouth should be for the cannon.

Corden opened the game saying, "Now the game is simple: If you look over here you will see my face. If you look down here, my face will be spitting various forms of fruit and vegetables. Your job is to stand behind that glass, and when my face spits produce at you, don't flinch."

"They're the most cowards of our group," said one fellow bandmate, predicting a ridiculous reaction. And he wasn't wrong. One fell backwards completely just before the other said, "Come on, come on I'm not afraid you know!"

But Jungkook and V gave those guys a serious run for their money with the best NON-reaction to date with V literally not blinking at all from the flying fruit and Jungkook only mildly flinching.

And when the rest of BTS tried to not flinch at the fruit firing cannon, they just couldn't match their fellow bandmate.

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