K.J. McDaniels' mom charms with her heckles

Kelly Dwyer
K.J. McDaniels' mom charms with her heckles
K.J. McDaniels' mom charms with her heckles

The Philadelphia 76ers actually won on Sunday evening, taking in their third conquest in 26 tries, moving into a virtual tie with the disappointing New York Knicks in Philly’s “attempts” to make it out of the Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division cellar.

Still, the team grabbed its third win over the similarly-rebuilding Orlando Magic on Sunday, and it’s hard to think of a drearier pairing for either the obsessive NBA or even Philadelphia 76er fan. This was not a classic game to watch, which made the exploits of K.J. McDaniels’ mother all the more entertaining.

She was spotted by several Magic fans and media during the course of the win apparently booing McDaniels’ teammates and demanding they pass the ball to her son, rather than run through their current sets.

Jordan Eichenblatt provided the best documentation:


McDaniels, a second-round pick who as a rookie has been one of the league’s most pleasant surprises, finished the evening with nine points (on 4-6 shooting), five rebounds and two assists in just 19 minutes of action – numbers just about in line with his seasonal averages.

Now, it’s possible that McDaniels’ mother is some offensive genius. The Sixers do rank far, far behind the field and last in the NBA in offensive efficiency this year, and McDaniels is one of the few 76ers whose True Shooting Percentage doesn’t make me want to pine for the days of Doug Collins (JK JK those were even worse!). Yelling at Michael Carter-Williams as he throws down a by-himself breakaway dunk, however, doesn’t seem like a call that belies her NBA know-how, though.

As a parent of a daughter who has excelled in the field of athletics, I understand that it’s hard to keep your lips zipped and not selfishly root for your little ones at the expense of their overall team. It’s hard not to overestimate their skills in comparison to teammates, even if the medals or points per game totals encourage it.

Still, let’s get this out of our system. It’s fine to play the heckling mom on the road in Orlando in an otherwise dreary game. Calling out the dude’s teammates – the rookie’s teammates – isn’t going to do any favors for K.J. McDaniels. As self-assured as he rightfully is.

McDaniels is from Birmingham, Alabama and it’s possible his mother still lives in the town and made the commute to Orlando for the contest. It’s possible she could continue her Florida trek down to Miami for Tuesday’s contest, or save the miles for a trip to Atlanta for a Hawks/76ers game on Jan. 31.

Better buy up those tickets now, Miami and Atlanta. Go against type, for once.

(Hat-tip, SB Nation.)

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