Juwan Howard does the cabbage patch at Miami Heat victory parade (VIDEO)

Championship parades are pretty much purely joyous affairs, with players, coaches, and team employees getting to soak in the adulation of adoring fans in the city that brought them all together. When people are that happy, they also tend to do pretty ridiculous things. Mark Madsen is a goofy guy, but only a championship parade could have compelled him to yell in Spanish and dance the worst dance imaginable.

On Monday, the Miami Heat held their championship parade, with everything ending up at AmericanAirlines Arena. Heat elder statesman (read: old man) Juwan Howard got into the spirit of things by calling back to one of the most famous moments in his career. Way back when Howard was a member of the Fab Five at Michigan, he celebrated a win during the 1992 NCAA tournament by doing the cabbage patch on the court. It's become one of the most indelible images of one of the most famous teams of the past 25 years.

So, at the parade, Howard made an impression by doing a Heat-inspired cabbage patch. It wasn't quite as spontaneous or memorable as the Michigan performance, but that's not exactly a fair criticism. Watch the video above (via TBJ).

After the jump, check out more images from the celebration, including Erik Spoelstra getting to live out a lifelong dream.

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