Juventus women's team apologizes for extremely racist tweet

Juventus logo.
The Juventus women's team apologized after posting a racist image. (Photo by Miguel MEDINA / AFP) (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images) (MIGUEL MEDINA via Getty Images)

The Juventus women's team is attempting to backtrack after putting out an extremely racist tweet Thursday.

The tweet — which featured a Juventus women's player making a slanted-eye gesture while wearing a field marker as a hat — was up for roughly 20 minutes before it was deleted.

The team later issued an apology to those who "may have been offended." It also claimed the tweet did not have "any racial undertones."

The tweet appeared to have no other purpose other than sharing the racist image. The tweet did not contain any information other than three emojis which were meant to repeat the offensive gesture in the photo.

The Juventus women's account has not addressed additional questions about the tweet since issuing its "apology" message.

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