This 2-year-old Dodgers fan is very concerned about Justin Turner's broken wrist

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When a little kid loves baseball, it’s one of the best things in the world. Watching them learn about the game and develop their own fandom as they grow, it’s amazing. But it can also be heartbreaking. How do you explain to a kid that’s 2 or 3 that their favorite player has been traded to a different team?

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Explaining injuries isn’t much easier. But this little guy, a 2-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers fan, handled it better than some adults. His favorite player, Justin Turner, broke his wrist on Monday, and will be out for quite awhile. And when his dad asked him about it, this is how he reacted.

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Have you died from adorableness? If you haven’t, watch it again. At the very least your screen should be melting from the sheer cuteness emanating from that video.

The little dude is obviously concerned about Turner, but he’s not 100 on what exactly that means in reality. But he doesn’t have to be! He just wants to help Turner heal by doing what his parents do for him whenever he bumps his head or his arm: kiss the boo boo. It’s an innocent and sweet kid response, because in his world, that’s all it takes to feel better.

This 2-year-old is very concerned about Justin Turner’s broken wrist. (Twitter/@agr_dodgers22)
This 2-year-old is very concerned about Justin Turner’s broken wrist. (Twitter/@agr_dodgers22)

Sadly, kissing Justin Turner’s wrist isn’t going to help him physically heal. But he saw the video, and it lifted his sprits on what was obviously a less-than-great day for the Dodgers’ third baseman.

When the little guy and his family go to the Dodgers game once Turner is back, let’s hope for an on-camera meeting between the two of them. Because just the thought of giant Justin Turner and his mane of red hair interacting with that adorable kid is thoroughly delightful.

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