Justin Fields shares how he reacted when Bears traded for DJ Moore

Fields shares how he reacted when Bears traded for DJ Moore originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

When the Bears traded away the No. 1 overall pick in the draft to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for DJ Moore and a host of other draft picks, phones blew up across the Chicagoland area. Justin Fields’ was no different.

“People were blowing up my phone like I just got traded,” Fields said. “Everybody was excited.”

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And yet Fields may have been one of the last people in the city to find out. On Tuesday, Fields admitted that while fans were furiously googling Moore’s stats, he was taking a cat nap. In fact, Fields might’ve slept through all of the excitement, but he was woken up by a call from GM Ryan Poles.

Unsurprisingly, Fields was excited upon hearing the news. Moore is a bonafide WR1 and elevates the profile of the entire offense. His skillset plays to Fields’ strengths and gives Fields the support necessary to take a big leap in Year Two of Luke Getsy’s offense. The move to trade away the top pick to bring in a top tier receiver was also a clear vote of confidence in Fields this season.

“It’s awesome for me getting that trust from the coaching staff,” Fields said. “You guys don’t see it, but we communicate here all the time, we trust each other fully. Just having them behind me, they know the kind of leader I am to my teammates, they know how great I want to be, the work I put in. It’s just great to have them behind my back for sure.”

Now Fields and Moore begin the summer-long task of building chemistry together so that they can start strong in Week 1. Things got off to a good start on the second day of OTAs, as the pair connected for several passes, including one impressive deep throw. We’ll see if they’re the key to unlocking the full potential of the offense.

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