Justin Fields: the next Josh Allen? Mike Singletary thinks it’s possible with these offseason moves

What does legendary Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary think of the team’s decision to trade away their first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft? 

“It’s a fantastic move.”

That decision reinforces Chicago’s commitment to Justin Fields as their franchise quarterback. But there’s still more that they need to do to support him, says Singletary. 

In his conversation with Sports Seriously’s Mackenzie Salmon, Singletary emphasized the need for a stronger offensive line. Not only would it help protect him from injury, but he went on to argue that a better line will buy him time to make stronger plays. 

Singletary even went on to say that Fields has the talent to “change the game” and compared him to Bills QB Josh Allen.

The ten-time Pro Bowler also applauded the Bears acquiring Panthers WR D.J. Moore.

“The Heart of the Defense” as Singletary was known, like most Bears fans, can’t wait for the season to kick off, and is optimistic about the season. 

“There’s no place like Chicago, I mean Chicago fans, man, they get hungry. Everybody gets involved,” said an excited Singletary.

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Story originally appeared on Bears Wire