Justin Fields' 'miraculous' plays latest proof Bears' process is working

Getsy: Fields made 'miraculous' plays, but has to keep building originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Like almost everyone watching, Luke Getsy couldn't believe his eyes when Bears quarterback Justin Fields sent a seismic shock through Soldier Field with a 61-yard touchdown run against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

"It was like, ‘Holy cow.’ But not with not that type of talk," the Bears offensive coordinator said Thursday at Halas Hall. "It was a pretty unbelievable play.

"Once he got to a certain point and I saw [Darnell] Mooney in a position to be able to cut the guy off, I was like, ‘There’s no way anyone’s catching that guy.’ So it was pretty cool."

Cool is one way to describe Fields' performance in the Bears' 35-32 loss to the Miami Dolphins. He set an NFL single-game, regular-season record for a quarterback with 178 rushing yards. He also threw three touchdown passes while going 17-for-28 for 123 yards.

It was the third straight good performance from the second-year signal-caller. As Fields stacks good performance on good performance, the buzz around Chicago and the NFL grows louder.

The always level-headed Getsy saw good and bad from Fields during a day that had most NFL fans and analysts losing their minds over the plays the Bears quarterback was making.

"You know he did a lot of nice things," Getsy said. "Obviously, he made some plays that were miraculous. I mean, they were pretty unbelievable. We gotta make sure we keep eliminating those few plays in the game that, you know, the interception that got called back. That’s a play, he’s gotta just throw it away and move on to the next down.

"But there’s plenty of good plays in there. He’s starting to get more comfortable with everything. Like we talk about every week, he’s getting more and more comfortable each and every week. We just gotta keep building on that."

The Bears' offense has been on fire ever since the mini-bye week following their Week 6 loss to the Washington Commanders. The installation of more quarterback-designed runs appear to have gotten Fields into a better rhythm, and the 23-year-old is making quick, crisp decision both as a runner and as a thrower.

The noise around Fields has grown with each electric run and on-target laser. But while the national attention hones in on what Fields is doing, those inside Halas Hall knew something like this was coming.

"Love everything about it," defensive coordinator Alan Williams said Thursday. "And you know what, I would say outside of the building, people would go, ‘that’s a surprise.’ Inside the building, we would go, ‘nope.’ If you see the way he works, the way he goes about his business, you see what he does in practice. You go, ‘that’s to be expected.’

"It was just a matter of time before it showed. We would just say that the last thing you see is a profit. That was coming. Everybody in the building knew that was coming. Just a matter of when.”

Fields isn't paying attention to the noise. He says he isn't even aware he has become a national talking point after running all over the Dolphins.

Whether that's true or not is irrelevant.

The Bears aren't worried about Fields getting wrapped up in the hoopla. That's not the type of person or competitor he is.

More importantly, everyone knows there is much more work to be done.

"I think my proof is different from your guys’ proof and most people’s proof," Getsy said. "I think I just settle in on that, and it’s just … it’s a mindset. It’s the way we go to work every single day and get better every single day. So, that’s it.

"Just because the stats say one thing that doesn’t, you know, you have to avoid that. When you’re in the phase that we’re in, we’re trying to grow and get better every day. To become something special, you have to ignore the good and the bad when you’re talking about stuff that gets reported rather than what is real."

Perhaps Getsy didn't see the 61-yard touchdown run, 178 total rushing yards, or another efficient passing game that included a dot to Darnell Mooney for a touchdown as proof of progress. As affirmation that the work they are putting in is paying off.

But you'd be hard-pressed to argue the opposite.

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The Justin Fields we have seen over the past three weeks looks vastly more confident and comfortable than the one that put up a stinker against the Houston Texans in Week 3.

That Fields is in this spot, making "miraculous" plays and being lauded nationally as the next "it" thing in the NFL, is a credit to the work Getsy and Fields have put in since April. It's a credit to the process and the message.

It's also reason to stick to the script.

Since the day Eberflus and Getsy walked into Halas Hall, they have preached patience and progress with Fields. No matter the result on the field, they have pointed to daily improvement and steady growth.

Fields' blistering last three weeks have the city of Chicago ready to throw a parade. Mind you, the team is 3-6, and Fields only threw for 123 yards against the Dolphins. He is taking the necessary steps forward in Year 2.

But that journey is still in its infancy.

"Every game, from Game 1 to Game 2 to Game 3, yes, the answer is yes," Getsy said when asked if he's seen a change in Fields. "It’s natural. The way he works and the mindset he has, the competitor that he is, he’s gotten more comfortable.

"We have a long way to go, though."

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