Justin Fields leaves Bears in awe with 'dominant' game vs. Dolphins

Fields leaves Bears in awe with 'dominant' game vs. Dolphins originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

CHICAGO -- There are few words to accurately describe what Justin Fields did Sunday at Soldier Field in the Bears' 35-32 loss to the Miami Dolphins, setting an NFL single-game record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 178.

Words are my forte, but Darnell Mooney said it best after the loss.

"He's a dominant player," Mooney said after the loss. "Everybody knows that. This is not a surprise that he [broke the record] today. He's always running around, trying to make plays for our offense when things break down. He's a great player.

"He's going to break a lot of records," Mooney added later. "So get ready."

The loss dropped the Bears to 3-6 on the season, and their playoff hopes are circling the drain.

The light on the 2022 campaign is dimming with each loss. But the glow coming from the Bears' future keeps getting brighter as Fields stacks good performance after good performance.

"You see the type of player that 1 is turning into," safety Eddie Jackson said. "Well, he’s always been, but you see his growth now, turning into one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. "It’s exciting, man. It’s really exciting to see the things he’s doing. It’s like, ‘Man, I’m glad he’s on our side.’ We’re glad to have that guy on our team. He’s doing a lot of great things, even leading, leading the guys, and making plays.

"When things look like it’s done, he makes stuff happen. It’s just crazy. We’re happy to see that. We’re grateful. I told the guys we’ve gotta be grateful to have an offense like this because I’ve been a part of some times where we can’t score touchdowns, and just to see them going out there back-to-back weeks putting up 30, it’s like we’ve got to give those guys some help. Period, point blank, we’ve got to help them out."

Wide receiver Chase Claypool arrived in Chicago on Wednesday after a trade deadline deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Claypool knew Fields was talented, but what the second-year signal-caller did Sunday far exceeded anything he could have expected.

"Man, it's so fun watching him run around and make plays," Claypool said after his Bears debut. "Give us opportunities. Give the entire offense opportunities to keep driving the ball.

"It just felt right when he was controlling the game."

There were few ways to accurately describe just how impressive Fields was Sunday.

He finished the day 17-for-28 for 123 yards and three touchdowns while adding 178 yards and a score on the ground.

Fields was accurate and decisive when throwing the ball and explosive when taking off.

There was no better example of that than his 61-yard touchdown run Sunday.

Bears rookie Jack Sanborn was in awe of what his quarterback did Sunday.

"That's what he does," Sanborn said. "He makes plays that make you go, just, 'Wow.'"

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Sunday was the third straight game in which Fields has authored a good performance. It was another positive step in the growth of Justin Fields, franchise quarterback.

"I think I'm just growing," Fields said after the loss. "Getting better each and every week. My main goal right now is just to continue to do that, continue to trend up and each and every day at practice, keep getting better and better. That's really all you can do."

Fields' growth and development is priority No. 1 this season. Through nine games, it's trending toward being a rousing success. Record be damned.

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