Justin Fields keeps taking sacks as Bucs lead Bears at half

Chicago's Justin Fields was the NFL's most-sacked quarterback last year. And it's no better this year.

Fields has been sacked four times in the first half of today's game in Tampa Bay, and that's a big part of the reason the Buccaneers lead the Bears 13-10 at halftime.

Last week Fields was also sacked four times, and it's clear that for all the talk this offseason about Fields growing as a quarterback and the Bears improving their offensive line, Fields still takes too many sacks.

That's mostly on him, not on the offensive line: Fields has spectacular talent to make plays with his legs (including a rushing touchdown today), but he relies on his legs far too much and tries to gain yardage after the play breaks down. What the Bears need Fields to do is complete passes before the play breaks down.

The Bears also suffered a blow when safety Eddie Jackson was ruled out of the game with a foot injury. Buccaneers running back Chase Edmunds is also injured, having hurt his knee in the first half.

The Bucs are looking to improve to a surprising 2-0, while the Bears are trying to stave off 0-2.