Justin Fields: I gave it my all, no regrets regardless of what happens

Bears quarterback Justin Fields covered all of his bases in Sunday's postgame press conference.

Fields knows that he may be moving on this offseason because the Bears have the first overall pick in the draft thanks to last year's trade with the Panthers and they may opt to use it on a quarterback rather than making a trade designed to flesh out the roster around Fields. That possibility meant Fields said some farewells "in case this is my last rodeo" as the Bears quarterback and one of the messages he sent was that he wouldn't do anything differently.

‘‘I gave it my all,’’ Fields said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘Whether here or not, I have no regrets.’’

Sunday's game was an illustration of why the Bears might move on as they managed to produce just 192 yards of offense in a 17-9 loss to the Packers. That kind of outing was counter to the performances Fields was putting up for most of the second half of the year.

‘‘I’m headed up,’’ Fields said. ‘‘I felt growth this year each and every game. I’ve been feeling it, really, since I got back from injury. I’ve gotten better tremendously."

The Bears have to decide if they think the elevator is still going up or if another quarterback offers even more upside and their call will help shape the offseason for a number of teams around the league.