'And Just Like That' Is Suddenly Very Comfortable With Full Frontal Male Nudity

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Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO
Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO

And Just Like That... episode 8 spoilers follow.

Accusations of fatphobia, character betrayal and clichéd non-binary representation, not to mention a host of other issues, all suggest that Sex and the City's return to our screens is still stuck in the past. And it is. There's no getting around that, no matter how much the writers try to update And Just Like That... for a new generation.

But bizarrely enough, episode eight has yanked this franchise into the modern HBO era by pulling out something Sex and the City never has before – at least, not on the small screen. Yes, we are of course talking about those multiple penii that flop onto our screens in the new episode like a relatively tame week on Euphoria.

Despite Sex and the City's love of, well... sex, the show has never pulled out someone's wang before, aside from a very brief moment in the first movie. But now, in the eighth episode of And Just Like That... we're shown more wieners than fans saw across all six seasons of the original show.

While one is attached to an extremely well-sculpted New Yorker who will likely remain nameless, the other belongs to none other than Harry Goldenblatt, Charlotte's husband.

Both rods come out of nowhere, if you will, and to be honest, neither is really justified. Unlike the gaggle of cocks that showed up in Euphoria's season two premiere last week, there's no subtext or commentary here. But that's OK, because sometimes, a dick is just a dick.

And Just Like That... takes great pleasure in surprising us with them both, just like Carrie herself is taken aback when she's greeted by the one-eyed monster after a precariously-placed towel suddenly slips away.

Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO
Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO

But before Carrie has time to process this, the man involved refers to her as "Ma'am", thereby transforming what's already an embarrassing situation into something truly humiliating (at least for someone as preoccupied with age as she is).

Charlotte is also embarrassed by some male anatomy this week, but for very different reasons. Harry's penis is nothing new to her of course. Unlike Steve and Miranda, who seemingly forgot how to bang in recent years, Charlotte and her husband still enjoy a healthy sex life.

So it's nothing out of the ordinary when Charlotte offers to play the skin flute in the bathroom with Harry. However, they forgot to shut the door beforehand... so when Lily innocently appears all of a sudden, Charlotte slams the door in her daughter's face, desperate to help her avoid the therapy she'll surely need after seeing that humongous beast firsthand.

Our glimpse of it is brief but memorable because let's face it: Harry's member is shockingly big. We're talking, 'Did they CGI this?' big. While the answer to that question may never appear to us, much like Chris Noth's cut cameo, it's fun to see Sex and the City finally loosen up when it comes to male nudity onscreen.

And sure, the visuals weren't necessarily needed, as welcome as they were, but the storyline that came out of this actually was. Being the typically prim and demure one, Charlotte tends to bottle up her emotions, which means that we as viewers also lack some insight into her life, at least compared to the other three two.

Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO
Photo credit: Warner Bros. - HBO

But when Charlotte opens up about this whole ordeal at lunch, we learn more about her past as well. It turns out that Charlotte grew up in a house where sex was seen as private and dirty, so no one ever talked about it. That's why her first instinct was to slam the door when Lily interrupted this now infamous fellatio sesh. Well, that and the fact that it's just pretty awkward for your daughter to see that, regardless.

So beyond the silliness of these shock peen cameos, there is at least some purpose story-wise, even if it's not particularly deep.

If you can get past those aforementioned issues with the wider narrative, And Just Like That... represents a fun, silly escape for generations young and old. And nothing sums that up better than this Emmy-worthy line from Charlotte that will surely cement the revival's place in history: "I was checking daddy's penis for cancer."

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