The ‘just letting everyone know’ trend is here, and Gen Zers are sharing details about their schedules

In TikTok’s latest trend, Gen Zers share upcoming “appointments.”

The video features just one photo of the TikTok user. As an ultra-poppy tune plays, the single photo spins through a twirly transition. These videos, while short, are gaining traction for their random messages and cheesy “self-edited” look.

Los Angeles-based content creator Maroun (@whoismaroun) posted his version of the trend, which has more than 6.4 million views and 1.3 million likes. “Just letting everyone know I have a doctors appointment on monday the 13th @ 11:30am so I will be busy at that time,” he wrote.

“we will move our company meeting to accommodate”

Commenters are also getting in on the fun, with many thanking him for the information. Bigger companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Milk Makeup are reacting as well.

“A little last minute TBH…” one user said.

“noted,” Milk Makeup responded.

“we will move our company meeting to accommodate,” Dunkin’ Donuts wrote.

“Okay but are we still on for that Starbucks and target run?” someone asked.

TikTok user (@lailai.land2x) wrote, “Just letting everyone know this weekend I have a scheduled argument with my boyfriend so I won’t be available till Monday morning.”

“Make sure you bring up old stuff. Wishing you luck”

“i kinda wish you would’ve told me earlier :/ have fun tho,” someone replied.

“hope u win!! sending good vibes,” another joked.

“Make sure you bring up old stuff. Wishing you look,” a user suggested.

Marion (@ttsmarionn) let TikTok know that he’s taking care of his girlfriend for the next week. “just letting everyone know my i won’t be on tiktok tomorrow due to my gf’s period starting tomorrow, i will be running an infinite amount of errands while being a psychologist, i should be back in like a week,” he wrote.

“if he not like this BYE”

“thank you for your service,” a user said.

“bro is being the best bf he can be,” another wrote.

“if he not like this BYE,” someone commented.

This trend, while definitely random, is giving TikTok users a good laugh. Looking for a way to let people know what you’re up to? A self-edited video may be the answer.

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