Just about every past and present NFL star showed up in the NFL 100 Super Bowl ad

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As the dust clears in the battle for the best ad of Super Bowl LIII, many will argue that the NFL itself came out on top. Then again, it would have been tough for the league to fall short given the star power it had on hand.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the entity that would eventually become the National Football League, the league dropped a commercial featuring Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Michael Irvin and, well, you get the point.

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The commercial began with what every NFL fan wants: a speech from Roger Goodell. As the NFL commissioner droned on, Marshawn Lynch was understandably more focused on the cake at the event. Lynch grabs a handful of cake, causes the football top of the cake to fall down, and chaos ensues.

Try and find another video where you can see:

  • Deion Sanders picking off a Joe Montana pass meant for Jerry Rice

  • Todd Gurley hitting Barry Sanders with a lateral pass

  • Ed Reed decking LaDanian Tomlinson into a table

  • Tom Brady unloading Super Bowl rings into the hands of Baker Mayfield

  • Aaron Donald bearing down on Terry Bradshaw like a movie monster

  • Odell Beckham one-handing a no-look pass from Patrick Mahomes

Yahoo Sports’ Liz Roscher handed the commercial an “A” grade, and it’s easy to see why. The ad nails so much of what fans enjoy in both the NFL of today and yesterday.

All Marshawn Lynch wanted was some cake in this classic Super Bowl commercial. (Screengrab)
All Marshawn Lynch wanted was some cake in this classic Super Bowl commercial. (Screengrab)

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