For just $29 million, you can own Michael Jordan’s suburban Chicago estate

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Hey — you guys have a couple bucks I could borrow? No, don't worry, everything's fine. Just trying to get together some cash to buy Michael Jordan's house. It went on the market today, and I'm about $29 million short, so if you could lend a hand, that'd be sweet.

Chicago-area real estate mavens Baird & Warner listed the three-level Highland Park, Ill., residence on Wednesday, so I'm trying to move fast. The mansion and attendant compound was built between 1993 and 1995, with extensive renovations undertaken in 2009 before Jordan became the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

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"Designed to Jordan's exacting specifications, the tastefully furnished and luxuriously appointed property will afford its owner the ultimate in privacy, security and amenities," Baird & Warner wrote in a press release announcing its listing of the 2700 Point Lane estate.

Jordan's spread boasts more than 56,000 square feet of living space, which is almost enough room to fit every person that M.J. has made salty over the years, but not enough to accommodate the legions he believes have slighted him.

Check out more photos of Jordan's estate after the jump, and learn more about the swanky digs from The Associated Press:

[The estate] includes nine bedrooms, 15 baths and five fireplaces.

There's also a three-bedroom guesthouse, pool area, outdoor tennis court and three climate-controlled multi-car garages.

An indoor basketball complex features a full-size regulation court with specially cushioned hardwood flooring and competition-quality high intensity lighting. It has a sound system set up to provide perfect acoustics within the court space.

It is very perfect that the lighting on Michael Jordan's personal indoor basketball complex (constructed in 2001, in case you were wondering) is "competition-quality" and "high intensity." Also, that it is a "basketball complex," which is precisely what Jordan gave opposing players, coaches and fans (and sometimes those on his side, too) during his illustrious NBA career.

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And seriously, you can't overestimate the importance of perfect acoustics within the court space. If you can't hear every grunt, groan and squeak with unerring accuracy, how would you know which of your children or associates missed that defensive rotation? Who would you curse at until they cried (no Nicki)? You see the bind imperfect court-space acoustics would put you in.

Next up, let's take a closer look at Jordan's kitchen (nice island, dog):

... and a living room where the G.O.A.T. might entertain a guest or two:

... and, to wrap things up, a nice little table just outside the kitchen, underneath a skylight, which I'm sure offers some beautiful, relaxing evening dining. Just kidding. This is probably a card table.

All photos courtesy of Baird & Warner and John S. Eckert Photography.

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